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c-section vs. vaginal delivery

I have been having a hard time deciding whether or not I want a c-section or vaginal delivery. As of right now I am basically leaning toward a c-section for a number of reasons:
1. I have a heart condition. And I am afraid of something going wrong, even though things have been great the whole pregnancy.
2. I am afraid of having a big baby since everyone in my family has 9 pounders. I did ask the dr about the size of the baby and he thinks it will be about 7 lbs but everyone in my family says they have heard that before.
3. I want him here now. I am not a person that likes surprises nor do I care to wait.
4. It would be easier on my DH with his job and all.
The only reason I would go with a vaginal is because people have been telling me that I will feel better after a vaginal then if I had a c-section. So here is the thing. On Tuesday I have a dr appt and he wants me to have a decision by then. If I say c-section he will schedule one then. BUT, does c-section really hurt more? Is recovery going to take that long? I have to walk up 2 flights of steps to get to our apartment. Is having a c-section going to make this a problem? How much during a c-section does the dr have to touch you in your private areas? Also they say contractions make your uterus go back to size, if I have a c-section is getting back to size going to take longer? With a c-section do you have to work harder to get the weight off? I just have so many questions about all this. It is not easy to just make this decision. I feel funny checking my calendar and saying okay baby you fit into my schedule now.

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