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Could this be lymphoma? After recent appointment with blood specialist?

Hi all. I am regular of to this forum. I have noticed for quite sometime that I have had enlarged lymph nodes in my groin and under my arms. I finely got the courage to tell my parents about it, i'm 19 years of age afterall. I was made an appointment to see the Doctor, and he was quite concerned at first. He ordered some blood work, and I told him that I do have Raynauds so he ordered an Anti-Nucleur Anti-body test (ANA). I phoned up for the results, and the secretary told me all was fine. I thought great, nothing to worry about. Then an appointment came through my door to see a blood specialist. Apparently my ANA came back positive.

I went and seen the blood specialist yesterday, who did some more blood tests and said they were all fine. He did say that the Doctor was originally worried because of lymph node enlargement in the armpits and the groin. He mentioned that they look for both leukemia and lymphoma when lymph nodes are enlarged. I haven't been feeling well for a while, and I have good days and bad days really. I have been going red under my eyes an all. The consultant said that I looked quite healthy, and that the nodes were quite small really. He said that they could be reactive, and that I should not worry about lymphoma at this stage. What does reactive mean? I've got an appointment to see him again in August because he wants to see what I am like then. He did say also that a positive ANA can cause lymph node enlargement, but I don't no what it is. I do often feel warm.

Can anyone think what the best thing to do here? do you think my consultant is worried or concerned that its cancer? would my ANA have anything to do with it? and what does reactive mean in terms of lymph nodes?

Any help would be most appreciated. After having it mentioned to me yesterday I was quite scared and worried. Please help.

Thank you.

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