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Re: Could this be lymphoma? After recent appointment with blood specialist?

Originally Posted by meatball
I think that if you had something bad like cancer, then the consultant you saw would be a little more worried. Not to mention you said all your blood tests came up clear. Usually in a hodgkins, leukemia case, your labs would be abnormal if anything. Did you have a cbc w/ differential? That alone will be able to tell the doc and consultant if there were any abnormalities. Other than the nodes, do you have any other symptoms? I would imagine you would if you had cancer. A positive ANA means you have an auto immune virus, which makes me feel like you have the nodes from something else.. have you been tested for lupus? Good luck and keep us posted.
Thanks for the reply. I don't no what they did. I remember a CBC being done and loads of other additional tests being done. There were no abnormalities apparently with my tests. He did say that everything was quite good. I do get a little warm, and I have a tingling sensation at the top of my head which i've told him about. He was more concerned with the nodes though. I do have a positive ANA, I have the result in front of me. I haven't been tested for lupus, except the ANA. Could lupus cause enlarged nodes? What else could cause them to enlarge?

Thank you for wishing me well. How are you? Do you have any lymph node problems?

Take care.