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Re: Could this be lymphoma? After recent appointment with blood specialist?

Originally Posted by meatball
Unfortunately I don't know much about lupus. You might want to lurk over in the lupus boards and read some of the symptoms but I can't imagine swollen lymph nodes not being a symptom. Having swollen glands/nodes means that your body is trying to fight off an infection. I would go see a hematologist asap so they can give you the proper diagnoses. When you say you feel warm, do you have a fever?

I have had swollen lymph nodes on several occasions always when I am sick or fighting an infection. You did the right thing by telling your folks and seeing the doc and consultant. Keep positive. I don't think it's anything life threatening.

You also mentioned you have Raynauds disease. Could that be the causeof all this and the positive ANA? Sorry not to familiar with that one.
Thanks. I have already visited the lupus section. I do have Raynauds but I have never heard of it causing lymph node enlargement, but sometimes so what i've read Raynauds can be a symptom of other conditions like Lupus as you said. When I feel warm, I feel like hot flushes would best describe it. I've had my Thyroid checked an all and thats absolutely spot on. I'm just not sure now. My Consultant didn't seem to worried, and he did say "not to be worried at this stage", so I am wondering whether he is suspecting lymphoma or not. I have had Raynauds since i've been a teenager, and I was tested for ANA's before and it came back negative. Only recently have I got a positive test.

Thank you for saying I did the right thing. I'm so scared though now. I do sometimes feel well, then the next i'll feel ill and then i'll be good again and then bad again. I'm just unsure. Do you think it could be lymphoma from what i've been telling you?

By the way, I am already under a hematologist who is the consultant I am talking about. He is the one that mentioned and didn't rule out it being lymphoma. I've got to see him again in August.

Thanks again for replying back.

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