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Can you help with these ANA test results?

My doctors office called and said my ANA was positive this time. They ordered additional bloodwork to check for arthritis which of course was normal. Anyway, I got a copy of my test results and I don't understand it.
This is exactly how it reads on the paper:

ANA 50 f [0-99] U/ml

Then on the next page it says:
ANA: Negative <100
Equivocal 100-200
Positive >120

I am not understanding this. The way this lab does it I would assume that anything less than 100 was negative. Can anyone help me understand this?

I am being sent to a hematologist because my white count was 13.6, abs. neut was 8.45, and abs. lymph ws 4.17. I am so tired of this merry go round trying to figure out what is wrong with me!

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