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Re: injured betty-shed some light


I had a bad day. Can't sit, too sore to walk and it is too hot to do much of anything else.

I just re-read your post. As to the physical part of your job, that might be over. I was told that bending and twisting were no longer part of my life.

Even if they tighten up the ligament, which they did before, I have to be careful. No more hip swishing dancing. No more bending backwards. No more hula hoops. No more twisting at the waist while trying to get something in the back seat while I am in the front seat of the car.

Quiet cook is right about a DO. They are loyal to their patients. My grandmother had one her whole life. She lived to be 100. She just passed away two weeks ago.

I would go to see a physiatrist if you can afford it. Make sure that it is one that can do manipulations. Call first. I made the mistake of thinking that all of them did them and hit a bum steer or two along the way of finding one.

That doctor will have no stake in whether or not you have surgery. That doctor can tell you if it is SI dysfunction just by a leg raise test and feeling your joint. SI dysfunction seems to be a new buzz word and catch all lately when they can't figure out what is wrong and you feel loose in the joint. I was looking back in my husband's file and it is in his file also. He must have magically disappeared because he is not complaining. His pain was in his neck.

Did you have some sort of accident that caused your SI to go out on you?

A simple test is to lay a level on your hip bones when you lay down. That will tell you if you are level or not. When your SI is messed up, your pelvis is twisted and you won't be level. If you look at pictures of the pelvis, you will see that your pelvis is kinda like a square. If you are out of kilter, like I am, then they can put you back, it is just a matter of staying that way.

Have you tried an SI belt? Taping? Corset?

There has to be a reason for your pain. Try trigger point injections, accupunture, something alternative.

Good luck,