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CRPS - Is Pain Doctor able to DX?

Can/is/Normally a Pain Doctor able to DX CRPS?

Why is my Doctor so dead set on calling it Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

I am having trouble finding a Doc for a 2nd opinion. Should I forget the 2nd opionion and move forward? I am scheduled for a Nerve Block on the 6th and I feel like I am running out of time and that I am going to be forced to do the block due to pain. The pain has been out of control.

Once the SNS is under control and you are pain free, does the other symptoms go away? or is this the time to figure out what will afflict me the rest of my life?

I have been suffering for 3 years, is it normal for me to be breaking down with this DX? I was hopeing to have a better reaction. All I want to do is sleep. I know! Depression!

Thank you for reading.

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