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Re: CRPS - Is Pain Doctor able to DX?


Sry to hear that you are having such a hard time with this.. adn you have come to the right place to find help!!

First Complex Regional Pain Syndrom is the same as RSD or Reflex Sympathic Dystophy. Not sure if you knew that or? What kind of symptoms are you having?? and what started the CRPS/RSD? (a surgery or fracture or?)

If you dont feel good about your pain mangagment doc and want a second opinion , go for it.. thats why there is more then one in your area adn your insurnace will cover it also. And yes a Pain Mang. doc is usually the one that diagnoses RSD/CRPS. They are trained better then the rest of the docs, like ortho's or primary care doc's or even neuro's. and PM doc's are the ones that treat RSD/CRPS and know how to treat it right (usually) there are some PM docs that arnt really up to par about the new treatments and everything.

Where do you live, maybe one of us on here can help you find a nother doc to see. we can post names and addys of the docs but not the phone numbers so hopefully we can help ya.

Is the block on the 6th your first block? and did it take doc's 3 years to finnaly diagnosis your pain as RSD/CRPS or have they just delayed treatment? Because the sooner the diagnosis adn treatment, like with blocks, the sooner it goes in to remission and easier to get into remission.

I have had RSD now for 3 years in my foot and leg and lower back and have 2 stims implnated and have had MANY MANY blocks and they only helped for a couple hours, but would kill for one now.

If you get into remision, your pain and all the symptoms will go away yes.. ad you will be back to your self again, but because RSD/CRPS is always gonna be there, it can come back at any time, like if you hit your knee on sometihng or stub your toe.. its that easy but there are many people that have gone into remision and have stayed there for years now.. its all unpredictiable and thats the other bad part of being diagnosed with this.

And yes it is very normal to be hit with depression when being diagnosed with this. and get treatment for this now before it gets worse. Because it will only make the RSD/CRPS worst. Stress and food and depression all make the disease flare up and we need to get help with that so it doesnt send us into more pain then we already are in!!!

If you dont want to do the block yet, and wnat to get a 2nd opinion, call around to pain mang. docs and see when the soonest you can get in and tell them its for a sec. opinion and that he wants to do blocks asap and see if they can get u in with in a couple days to a week , just so you know that your doc is on the right track and so it will make you feel better also. Blocks arnt that bad of a procedure to have, adn ask for sedation it will be MUCH better and you wont konw whats going on, and hopefully it will put you into remision for good!!

Hope i have helped, and keep in touch and =nice to met ya!!