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Re: scalp is itchining like crazy!!!!!!!help!!!

hey mad, i heard that nioxin might help with the dandruff, i have the same problem. but i itch EVERYWHERE!! it is very frusterating. i'm going to try some denorex or something, my husband said the nioxin dried out his head, but del toro said it's been helping her. don't quite know what to do, really, so i thought i'd try the cheap stuff first. my theory is that the skin is sloughing off on our entire bodies, including our heads, which causes the flakiness and dandruff and itching that makes us crazy. i might also rub some lubriderm onto my head from time to time, helps my back and arms, why not me noodle? *lol*

sorry i don't have any advice, but i do feel your pain. you're not alone my friend!