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Re: this is why i stay away from this crap!

Originally Posted by Losec20mg
im on the gluten free diet so all of the junk you mentioned im not eating. wonder my stools never stink ..oh forgot to mention that all my veggies are grown by me .. so yeah the hell with all that crap I aint gonna get focked by the government..LOLLL and, to top it all off, im never sick.... I hope people would stop to think of all the chemicals they are eating and, presevatives..sheezz..people in general dont know how to eat and, havent got the slightest Idea of how to eat..but, then again we are living in a fast life and, everyone is doing their best..
Wait, you eat cottage cheese and milk, lol! Are you(original poster)saying this for conventional dairy? Most of the things that she mentioned ARE gluten free! So what do you mean?

To the original poster: What about organice products?

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