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Re: Not good synthroid

Originally Posted by pixiek
I am generalizing, but has this a grain or more of truth? It seems MOST of what I read about Synthroid from swallowers is NOT good....are most people who are ONLY on synthroid not feeling very well?
Well, I have a question about this...
I take levothyroxine, the generic of Synthroid. I know there are differences in fillers and stuff, but how much to those things make a difference? I thought they were pretty inocuous.

Also, how would one know if it's good for them or not? I mean, for example, I feel better a lot of the time than I did before the levoxyl, but how do I know whether I might have less swinging or feel better with the name brand? Should my endo be able to answer this? I mean, he prescribed Synthroid, but the pharmacy gave me levothyroxine...should I have asked him whether he wanted the brand name dispensed? (I thought that would have been written on the prescription...)

pixie--do you not feel better at all? Is that how you know synthroid is not working? Or do you feel worse or up and down?

Sorry for asking so much...I'm just trying to absorb so that I can learn more about what to look for and what to expect the longer I'm on this....

thanks for your patience, you guys....