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My Life; Need help

Hello all,
I'm 15 years old and had Gallbladder surgery back in March/April. Before surgery it was painful to eat ANYTHING so I just didn't resulting in a weight loss from 140 to 94-97 lbs. I was always skinny as a kid, until I started pubrty. Then I became chunky, and could never understand why, because I was VERY active. I would ride horses, workout, help run a farm, always outside etc. Because of this I was made fun of by my brother sometimes. I went on 'diets' cuting out the junkfood (but I really never did eat that stuff anyway.) and only lost a few if any lbs. Grated I was never overweight for my age.

My doctor says it was because of the GallBladder. He says know with it out it's like I have a new body. and will never go back to the weight I was before.

Now I fit in a size 0 jeans. and dearly want to become a runner. my weight slides from 92-97 lbs. (depending on water intake, bathroom, etc) My mom says I need to let my body have anything that it is craving, but I admit, I am scared I will go back to the weight I was before.

Sometimes I find myself 'fasting' for a day or two. then eating. then repeating. I know this isn't healthy at all. Some days I wake up and see my ribs and think "I need to eat" others I wake up and say "I am too big, I am going to gain back all the weight" It's almost like I am scared to let go of being in the '90s. perhaps I've been so used to it.

My question is since I've been starving my body of what it needs, when I start re-feeding it will I gain back the weight? my mother keeps telling me "Once you get up to the weight you need to be at it will level off and stay there." I guess I am having a hard time trusting her.

Bloating is bad and thus = me feeling 'fat'. I hate the days I can see my back ribs but my tummy & amodmen make it look like I am pregnent. How soon can I see the bloating go way, and does bloating add lbs to the scale as water weight?

Right now I walk 2 miles a day and normally Run 1 mile. It gives me something to do without going crazy.

Sorry for the long, drawn on message, and questions.
God Bless,
Summer Storm

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