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Re: My Life; Need help

Hi Summer Storm,

several years ago I was pretty skinny too. Then I started training (cardio + some weight training) and in a few month I lost 7 lbs because I have not increased my calorie intake. After reading a lot of books and magazines, I realized that if I want to gain some muscle, I would need to eat much more. Therefore, I started gradually increasing my calorie intake by consuming more lean protein and complex carbs. I changed my exercise routine too by reducing cardio and redesigned by weight training. And this was the beginning of a process where I noted more and more muscle (not fat!) gains. In one year I gained 33 lbs lean muscle just by eating more, and more healthy foods, and training properly. I've got 6-pack, etc.

So don't worry about eating more, just focus on the right stuff, and also train regularly.