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Red face Extremely Rapid heartbeat -- I fear I have SVT

Hello, im new here.

I think that I have SVT (from what I have read). I am 16 years old and am currently no able to see a doctor. Here is a description of what I have eperienced...

About a year ago, I walked about a block from the bus stop and as I sat on my couch, my heart began beating extreamly fast. About 3-5 times per second (I have calculated 60/15 bpm or 4 bpm, Although maybe it just felt like 4 because I was counting both parts of the heartbeat). I though nothing of it, but my brother felt it and started saything things like "something is wrong". Ever since then I have been extreamly scared, depressed and feeling like I could die anytime. It has happend several other times after that too. Once after I was bike riding (lasting for about 45 minutes), once after running from city workers (I was in an area I was not supposed to be in lmao), which lasted for about 45 minutes, and one time when I was at school (Which lasted for a few seconds). The other day I smoked some social cannab!s (I usually dont) and it happend again (lasting for about 45 minutes). Although I dont think it was the drug which caused it, I am pretty sure it was "Triggered" by a number of things which happend, including extream exertion and anxiety. Also, a few months ago I found that it was hard for me to breath at times. I found that this competly went away once winter rolled around. Also, when this "rapid heartbeat" is triggered, it does not come on slowely, but "all of the sudden". It also goes away "all the sudden".

I do consume caffine every other day and usually get about 6 hours of sleep (Although I sleep in on weekends). I have a hobbie of programming software, which at times can be stresfull. After I program for hours I even find it rather hard to breath (Perhaps I take it too seriously lol) All I really want to know is if my life is in danger or if I am A-OK. I have read that SVT is not life threatening, but VT is. How do I know which one I have? What risks come with this condition? Any help?

Thanks in advanved

edit ::
By the way, the heartbeat is NOT painfull at all, just rapid and as a result, scary. I do NOT feel a shortness of breath either.

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