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Re: Extremely Rapid heartbeat -- I fear I have SVT

I finally found out how to stop them by lying on my back
I actaully did this one time, and it seemed to work I also heard that wetting your face with cold water can make it go away.

Some of the symptoms of VT are difficulty breathing, feeling faint, fatigue, chest pain and being light headed.
I do not have any of those symptoms thankfully, this is why I sort of "assume" that I have SVT. Would most agree? Or is it still posible that I have VT -- just without any symptoms?

If it starts and then keeps beating fast, and your heart doesn't go back to normal rhythm, then you need to get medical help to stop the SVT, or you may have to take heart medicine the rest of your life to slow your heart beat.
How would you define this length of time?

One more question. I consume caffine, nocotine, and sometimes m4rijuana. I am not a regular user of these drugs (well, maybe on the caffine). I know that caffine "Trigger" a rapid heartbeat, but what about the other two drugs? Are they "known" to trigger it?

--Thanks alot!

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