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I have had 3 ekg's and all were normal. My dr. says Im fine but i get these palpatations that sometimes startle me. Anyone else?? Sometimes I just feel them and of course I dont like them, but they dont scare me like others that I sometimes get. I even wonder if they ARE actually my heart or maybe a muscle in my chest/neck area. I feel a thump like feeling and I get a strange sensation up into my throat sort of like my breath gets taken away. I am so scared all the time that I will die cause of this. I made another appt for next week because I want him to check me again and make sure this is nothing to worry about. I get anxiety really bad and I know they are worse when I am anxious but they happen out of the blue also. Could my heart stop from these? It is so scary that sometimes i just want to cry from being so scared. This just doesnt seem like it should be a normal occurance. I want them to stop. I am tired of always being afraid that I will drop dead everytime my heart wants to flip flop around. Im too young for this (atleast I think I am...Im 30).

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