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Re: Palpatations

Originally Posted by Jitterygal
Have you had an echocardiogram? That will detect abnormalities in the heart. More than likely you are just experiencing anxiety. I have a mitral valve prolapse (heart murmur) and once in a while my heart will skip (it feels like a flutter) and then it will reset its rhythm with a strong beat. I don't worry about it anymore, I just go for my checkups to be sure nothing has changed. The echo might put your mind at ease--it did mine. Take care.
Hi. No, I have never had an echocardiogram, just the EKG's. I go for an appt this coming Monday so I will ask for one. How is it done? I dont have insurance so I have to pay for all my tests. I havent had any palpatations yet today but Im sure after just thinking about it, they will start right up.