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Re: Raw Food Diet

Whenever I juice fast I'm consuming a raw foods diet

A short term raw fruit/veggie diet can be beneficial to the body, unless you have regular symptoms of intestinal discomfort- a lot of raw vegetable fibers can be quite irritating (harsh, even) to the digestive tract, in which case these veggies should be juiced, pulverized, or avoided.

There are some people who practice "rawism" and eat everything raw, including meat and eggs. The meat is organic and handled safely, the belief is that by consuming these products raw any bacteria/contaminants ingested are introduced in small amounts in their natural state to the immune system, creating an antibody response which makes the immune system more adept at fighting infections, much for the same reason immunizations are administered.

When you think of the earliest man that were hunter/gatherers before fire was being used, they were probably "rawists" too