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Bulging eye, drooping eye -

OK, I had a thyroidectomy 3 weeks ago for Graves Disease. Everything is going alright except my right eye still bulges, and my left eyelid droops. Will this possibly correct itself over time? I also had 2 RAI treatments about 3 years ago, obviously neither worked but I hear that can effect the eyes. I've also heard, with Graves, that even after the gland is removed, that antibodies continue to attack your eyes. I wanted to get the thyroid out and then see what happens with my eyes. I notice no change at all since the surgery, but 3 wks is just 3 wks.

Is there anything, short of eye surgery, that can help with at least the bulging eye? I've heard something about that steroid prednisone.

Has anyone had any experience with this, and what can be done??? I'm going to ask my endo if there's anything I can take when I go in for my first surgery follow-up next week.

Also, I'm on .50 mg synthroid right now, not gaining weight, but I have REALLY cut down my diet since before the surgery, and my weight hasn't moved at all. Normally if I was dieting like this, I would be losing weight, not just holding steady. I imagine he's gonna bump my dose up next week?. What is usually the first adjustment, to .75 mg? If I tell him I'm not gaining weight will he be more likely to only bump up the dose slightly, or just go by the lab numbers?

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