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Re: Bulging eye, drooping eye -

If you have a thyroid disorder and you notice any eye changes, I can almost 100% guarantee you it is thyroid-related. Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease, inparticular, wreak havoc on the eye tisssue. So can RAI. I don't know anything about Hashimoto's, it probably causes the same symptoms. A bulging eye looks bigger than the non-bulging eye (you may see extra white either over or under the eye), the eye also looks like it's staring. Mine isn't TOO bad but some people notice it, and I definitely notice it. It is made more noticeable because the left eyelid droops while the right eye bulges and is open wide. It really sucks, lemme tell ya. I'm going to go through with some kind of treatment for it, if the treatment by steroids has major side effects, then I'll have no chance but to stop them. It's worth a shot.