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Re: too much fruit?

Originally Posted by Ankh
hi hi

i am new here,so first of all hello to everyone,hope that you all doing well!

well,my question is: is it really that bad to eat too many fruits?i think i am addicted to fruit!!!to be honest though......most of my daily intake is fruit,then cereal(all bran) and veggies.and for protein i eat fish and milk/yoghurt.i eat a LOT of tomatoes!is this going to make me gain weight?tomatoes,oranges,apples and guavas are the fruit i totally overindulge on!
i know that if you eat normal/are on a normal diet,that fruit can make you pick up weight,but i might be having to gain weigh(1,67m;47kg)

hope you guys can answer my question!
Why don't you write down exactly what you eat since you started this diet. Also, your age, height, and your "maintenence" caloric intake. From the sounds of it, it seems as though that you may have just started this diet since you are "unsure" as to whether or not your going to gain weight. I eat about 3-5 servings of fruit a day...more so in the summer cause the fruit tastes great!

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