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Re: too much fruit?

hey jessica.

well,i'll answer your questions.....i am a bit hesistant though,but here goes.

I'm 21,female,1,68m tall and weigh 47kg.
this isnt a "diet" as in something i am following to lose weight,it is what i eat normally and what i enjoy eating.the thing is,i dont want to overdo it and gain a lot of weight,since fruit has lots of fructose in it.i tend to get cravings for fruit at night as well...and that really freaks me out because i am scrared that i'll store it,and yes i know,it depends on how many calories you ate during the day,the time is irrelevant(but the fructose in the fruit????)
I eat all bran cereal,fat free yoghurt,skim milk(a lot),veggies,tuna,salads and obviously fruit.

hmmm....i think i just answered all your questions....