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Question 3 Grains Armour and hairloss!


Havent posted in a while. I am on currently on 3 grains armour for 4 days. I am still experiencing hairloss, I used to have think hair, not anymore. I can see my scalp very easily. I have secondary hypothyroidism or pituitary hypothyriodism. My TSH is non-existant. When I firsted started treatment last October (started on .25 grain) my free's were on the bottom half the lab values, now they are the bottom half of the lab value, since then I have swithched doctors, and diagnosed with above. I also had a candida. I have not had my labs drawn in 2 1/2 months. I will be getting them in another month. My current doctor is all about how I feel, and it does not matter how much thyroid med I am on.

Anyway, can anyone relate, will it end? the hairloss is making me worry, I dont want to be bald.


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