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I was diagnosed with SVT 6 months ago. Since then i have been taking calcium channel blockers (120mg slow-release, twice daily) as well as an aspirin each day.

I dont think i have SVT. I have been in hospital twice and had all the tests and in the end they told me i had SVT. I went to hospital because i had fast heart beat (reached a maximum of 150 in hospital) and had sharp chest pains and felt dizzy.

With SVT you can have a really fast heart beat of like 200+ and episodes can happen suddenly and disappear just as fast. I have never had a sudden attack like this nor has my heart rate reached anywhere near this high.

All i get is a fast heart beat of about 120 and this nearly always happens during social occasssions. To me this points to anxiety although i am not an anxious person. I always seem to worry about social occassions, not because im am "scarred" of the social aspect but more because i dont want my heart to start beating really fast. Its not just social situations its times when im away from home and i know i wont be able to get help should i need it.

I was just resting heart rate is usually between 68-80. The lowest it goes is around 64 when im falling to sleep. (i suppose it might get a bit slower when im asleep but i wouldnt know)

People talk about their resting heart rates and their exercise heart rates but what about when you are just doing in between stuff?

By this i mean things like socialising. When im at a gig, in a pub or club my heart rate seems to be a bit high for my liking and im always aware of this constantly checking it. Then i worry about it being fast and hope i dont end up back at hospital. I can be sat in the pub quiety (no alcohol) and my bpm will be between 100 and 120.

Is this normal?

Im sure i dont have SVT. If i stopped taking the medication (which i wont because im not allowed) im sure i would see no change in how i feel and what im experiencing.

btw - i have had a 24 tape which come back OK. Im 21 and male. Average health, skinny.

thanks people!!!

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