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Re: Heart Rate

You sound more like you've gotten anxiety ridden over this, than that you have a big problem.

Worry/anxiety will make it much worse and more noticeable. If I were you, I would make one more appointment == find yourself a cardiologist who specializes in rhythm problems, i.e., an electrophysiologist. Almost every group of "heart" docs has someone on staff who specializes in that. He will do another EKG and more importantly, will LISTEN to your heart with his stethoscope from many different angles. If the arrythmia is there, he'll likely hear it. Then you will have two opinions.

ER docs are good but it's always best to follow up with your own specialist. Better that than continuing to assume you've got something you may not have and take unnecessary drugs.

In the meantime, please understand that everyone has peculiar heartbeats, etc., once in awhile and most people don't notice them. Those of us who are in tune with this stuff suffer the most. If you worry, you're even worse off. Trust me, I am the queen of worrywarts and have suffered stress/anxiety/panic for years. Even REAL ailments seem worse when you're obsessing about them all the time.

That's my two cents -- I'd see a cardiologist with background in electrophysiology. Good luck to you -- I'm sure you are healthy!