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Re: conflicting info - soy products in diet good or bad?

hi i nanny for two naturopathic dr's and they are adamently against soy. they say its very controvesial though. fermented soy they say is not as bad but they do not touch soy products. i didn't get the full story but they say that the media has overpromoted the idea of asian eating it for health reasons. they will often eat a little bit of tofu (miso soups) before meals for help with digestion, but do not rely on it for nutrition. they say soy products are very foreign to the body and in order for the body to do something with it, chemicals are added to soy product (without the chemicals you would be very gassy). so you are in essence getting a foregin substance and chemicals.
i don't know much more, but i am sure you can look it up on the net.