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Re: conflicting info - soy products in diet good or bad?

I think soy products are a very useful food, they are a VERY high protein source with an oil component that is polyunsaturated. I think their versatility lends them to more uses than perhaps any food on the planet.

I LOVE tofu (fermented soy flour) and I eat it for 3 lunches every week (250 grams.) I use the firm and slice into 1/3 inch slices and sprinkle with Szechuan sauce, toasted sesame oil, and dark soy sauce...just a little to keep the sodium down.
This is a cheap filling, low-cal, high-protein DELICIOUS lunch.

For snacks, I prefer roasted soy-nuts to peanuts.

Any vegan (I'm not) who tries to get adequate protein without soy is fighting a steep uphill battle.

Personally, I thing most of the nay-saying about soy comes from the VERY rich cattle and dairy industries in the United States...and their many lobby groups and "Foundations." Remember nobody ever dies of MAD TOFU DISEASE or SOY SALMONELLA or got mercury poisoning from soy sauce (maybe high BLOOD pressure, but that's another story)

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