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Re: conflicting info - soy products in diet good or bad?

I totally agree with Losec. I think soy is okay in small amounts unless you have a predisposed thyroid condition that would be somewhere along your family tree. Yes, Asians have low rates of cancer but yet a high percentage of goiter and thyroid problems. I would not do more that one seving a day. I'm just as confused as you are about the soy. ONe minute I'm buying soy milk, and the next minute im buying Organic Cow's milk, LOL. I don't know but I need my milk(right Losec) and right now I'm drinking soy and don't consume ANY other soy products. OH and make sure that it's all natural soy and organic and not conventional since it's a highly sprayed crop. This is just my opinion, and last week I had a different opinion but finally came to a conclusion to just consume it in SMALL amounts. That's just me though.