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Re: Not sure boyfriend is using Herion? other Drug?

I am a recovering heroin addict. If his pupils are like little pins then it might be something like herion. But the light makes them do that too. Look at his eyes in the morning when he wakes up and see if his pupils are big. Darkness will make them big and the wearing off of herion too. See if they get drastically smaller after one of his bathroom uses. I used to go in the shower at my mom's house because i figured if she came in the bathroom somehow she surely would not also come in the shower. I also did that when i did cocain. but i was never in the shower when i did that. if he was a beginning user he could be either snorting it, smoking it or shooting it. if he is a beginer you might not see track marks unless you look close and know what you are looking for. My herion used to come in those little bags. i have also gotten every other drug in those too. but if he eats a lot then i would say it is not an upper like meth or coke. if he naps a lot it probably is a downer. sound to me like you are not just over reacting. but if you have been dating that long don't you know if he hangs with people that do that? do you live in a big city? if so, does his where abouts add up or are there missing segments , just enough time to go to a bad part of town to possibly get stuff. On your days off does he find various reasons to leave the house alone?