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Re: Not sure boyfriend is using Herion? other Drug?


1st post but when i was reading this i felt as if you were my girlfriend, explaining the silly behaviors I used to do when i was with her...long showers, running the water when going to the bathroom, feeling great after getting out of the bathroom...these are all things i used to do behind my girlfriends back...He might be sniffing Oxy's, but i may be wrong, just a theory. The water running and spending so much time in the bathroom was so I could cut up an oxy and sniff it on the back of the toilet/sink. Takes a few minutes, but the water drowns out the sound of chopping it up. Check his pupils and see if they look like pin needles. Sexual performance/desire is another way to tell, if he goes extremely long or does not at all, he could be sniffing oxy's. Again this is just my opinion because I did the same stuff to my girlfriend. Wish you luck...also oxy's makes you REALLY constipated

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