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Is it really all about the name of a diet???

Hi everyone!

I am new to this board, and i've been reading over a lot of posts and i find it really interesting to hear about so many different types of diets and fads and what people think about them. I want to make a comment/suggestion though based on my own experience.

All through high school and college I've generally been very conscious of my weight. At times I'd say at times, I felt unhappy and self conscious about my body and my weight, and other times it was more of just being aware and wanting to tone up a little and be more healthy. The problem is that after so many years of constantly thinking about food and weight, it became what I thought was just simply "normal" for me. My next meal was always my focus. during the down times my focus was okay how am i going to pick the food with the least amount of calories, and during the good times i was thinking, hey i dont care, i'll eat that brownie and the cake!. when i look back now i realize that my problem had much much more to do with the WAY in which i thought of food. what i picked to eat was a result of my psyche and my mood. As a result, i have to admit that what was "normal" for me was obsessive to everyone else. i cared so much about food and excercise that i was constantly visiting boards liem these, reading diet books, reading bilogy books, ANYTHING! the bad thing was that i was obsessed. the good thing is that NOW, i consider myself very educated on how the body processes food and just in general how different foods affect the body and weight.

that being said, i just want to raise a question to everyone. Have you ever noticed how much people attach stereotypes to the names of certain diets and how much clout people put on different diets solely because of what they claim instead of every taking the moment to figure out teh "WHY" behind the diet??? for example, take the atkins diet and south beach diets. people hear about these diets and all they think is LOW CARB. when i was following south beach, i had people sneering at me because they were like thats ridiculous, this low carb thing is such a fad. my point is -- i AGREE. the low carb thing IS a fad. but the aspect of south beach that isnt a fad is much more about eating healthily and choosing the types of foods that your body can process best without having spikes in glucose levels (which leans to more insulin being produced and in the long run being hungier more often and less able to burn extra calories -- this is a very BASIC BASIC description i know, look up more if you want). anyway, my point is that after all the research i did and after following southbeach i realized that the only reason teh diet "worked" for me was because of the WILLPOWER factor. I realized that in general, i felt like the fact that i was on a plan gave me a reason to keep going. HOWEVER, i think what too many people do is make teh mistake of thinking is the PLAN ITSELF that is causing the weight loss, as if its soem magic combination of the food and the eating schedule (on any diet, not just south beach) that cause the weight loos. but its NOT!!!!!!

what i think everyone needs to focus more on is WHY a particular diet might work and also realize that there is nothign special about it, even if it does work. i dont follow south beach anymore, but i do still keep in mind the principles behind the diet. i try not to eat sweets and cakes and stuff like that, and when i do eat bread and carb based products, i always choose the wheat or whole grain based kind. its all a matter of knowign whats healthy and how your body will react.

I just really hope everyone (as in our society) can start to realize tehre is no single diet that is better than any other, and I GUARANTEE that if you were to take 10 different types of diets that worked for people they would all have two things in commin -- they all contain healthy foods and the amount of calories the people ingest are around the recommended daily allowance. (all of these diets of course would have to be ones that promote eating natural foods and refrain from promoting their own diet foods/prducts like slim fast and atkins, which i personally believe are not maintainable for the long term)

Also, get up and excercise!!!!! our society has become so intent on finding quick fixes for everything, what with all the pill popping we do lately. yes, food is important to a diet, but NOTHIGN CAN REPLACE exercise!!!!! I know you all know this, but i think its good for everyone to hear it once in a while. sometimes i just really dont feel like going to the gym, but when i think abotu the fact that i've been sitting at my desk for 9 hours straight and ate 1800 calories, even if those calories were healthy ones, i wont lose weight if i dont do somethign to burn some of them off!

SO, in then end i just want to say congratulations to everyone who has found a diet plan that works for them and has had success doing it, but please try to focus on why and how that plan as worked for you and make sure this particular plan can work for you in the long term. your weight loss has nothing to do with the name of your plan or any magic foods or combination thereof that you have been eating. it is all about moderation, healthy foods, and exercise!!!!! and if you are buying those shakes and bars and popping pills, then i'd suggest you go to barnes and noble fast and buy a nutrition book.....belive me, it helps, AND isnt it cool to know how you're own body works????

okay i know this was long, but this is a topic that i've thought about a lot and i think its really important. thanks for reading!
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