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Re: Q about checking BP and temp

I actually have 2 and both are acurate and work very well. I have a regular automatic inflate cuff monitor that works on batteries or AC adapter. Its a ReliOn made by Omron Model HEM-780REL. This one is very accurate. It gives BP, pulse and has a memory that stores your numbers so you can scroll through at the docs office. This one cost about 95 dollars if I recall...a little expensive. I had to buy the large cuff for fat asses like me! : )

My second monitor I bought off ebay and that works well too. Its a wrist monitor. It does not appear to be as accurate as my other, but the numbers are pretty close, give or take 5-7 points if I did the 2 at the same time. This one is an Omron HEM-637 wrist monitor. This too self-inflates and has a memory. I think I paid about $60 on ebay a little while back.

For temp, I use a regular "Basal Pregnancy Temp" thermometer I purchased at the local Walgreens or CVS drug store. I think it was 12 bucks maybe. I choose the preganancy indicator thermometer becausde they are a bit more accurate in my opinion and it reads in very small increments, IE: 99.43 degress. Its digital, its quick and its accurate. I've compared this to the old glass mercury thermometers and got the same reading.

There you have it. My psychosis equipment revealed. I also take my sugar all the time with a Freestyle monitor I got off ebay. I have a tendency toward fluctuating sugar with hashi's when my symptoms are acting up. Hyper = high sugar. Hypo = low sugar.