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Re: Is it really all about the name of a diet???

What it really boils down to is you have to want the weight loss more than you want the brownie, you have to eat fewer calories, burn some calories and be determined. I find that the number one reason any one fails at any plan is that the just don't want it bad enough. I know I had to come to a place where I wanted it bad enough to not mind feeling a little hungry in the evening and drinking water instead of eating. There are different reasons for different people as to why they want the food more than the wt loss. For me just recently, it had to do with pain. I can';t make it go away, but I can make the hunger go away, and the depression that came with the pain was "comforted" by food. And then of course the pain meds. made me sick to my stomach and the only way to make it go away was to eat, carbs or something big, not an apple. I only say all of this to demonstrate the mental power that is needed. I can't speak for all plans, but I did ww and lost the 20 lbs i gained after my first accident. Basically, it took the guesswork out of how much food to eat. I learned alot about the value of food.