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Re: Is it really all about the name of a diet???


yes, you're right, what i meant by calling low carb diets a "fad" were the names and all the processed products that go along with them. i reread my post and realized that i didnt go a very good job of explaining what i wanted to say. the point i wanted to make was that it is the general concepts behind the "diets" that work, not the specific diet and its products itself. you can follow south beach or atkins or any other low carb lifestyle without having to buy all those low carb products (whether generic products or specific to the program itself). if you understand the way your body works, then you can stick to natural foods and STILL be following the concepts. like i said, although i dont follow south beach anymore, i did very much like that it stressed eating whole and natural foods, not relying on bars and shakes etc. however, i understand that many people feel most motivated when they stick very closely to a particular program, and of that is what gets them motivated then more power to them! i have found for myself though, that i feel more empowered when i know that I am the one taking charge of what i eat and i control the foods i put in my body. that way, i dont feel guilty if i have one brownie. when i was on south beach, i felt guilty when i cheated cuz all i could picture was my glucose completely skyrocketing. now though i am still eating low carb and losing weight, but i am not in ketosis and i do eat a small amount of carb based products every day, but all are whole grain, and all have a low glycemic index. when i eat a sweet from time to time i dont feel guilty, but i do feel very thankful to have learned a lot about how my body works and processes food from reading the south beach book.

sorry that i didnt orginally do a great job of explaining, i will take more care to do so in future posts. great job to everyone who has found a plan that works for them. stay motivated!!!!
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