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Confusion over advice of two doctors

My name is Sandy and in the mid sixties I had half of my thryroid removed. The surgery left one side of my voice box parilized. In May of this year I had the rest of it removed. My test result were calcuim 9.9, T4 Free 1.5, TSH W/Free T4 RFX TSH 0.18. The next test showed the TSH at .35 My family doctor looked at my test results and said to high, the doctor who did the surgery said its to low up it by a quarter. Me, I feel tried all the time, I could fall alseep at my desk and by 8pm I am falling alseep in the chair. I always had this problem of being tired at the end of the day but now I wake up and feel so tried. My head feels funny, I have headachs now. I really had hope this surgery and medication would make me feel better. What do you see my test result as? Thanks for any imput. I think I posted this in the wrong spot the first time. Again thanks for listening. SANDY

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