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Hod do I know if I have hig BP? And what do i do about it?

Hi all.

I'm suspicious that I am suffering from high blood pressure.
As I've never suffered before from this, I'm not sure how do diagnose it and what to do about it. I have no GP so I can't simply go to the DR and ask.

I'm a 34 yr old male - bit over weight (17 stones).

In the last week or so I've suddenly been suffering from major headaches - whilst I've suffered from headaches for years, I usually take some paracetamol and it goes straight away. However, this time it hasn't.
I'm extremely congested and my eyes are hurting constantly.
I seem to be suffering from a psynosis problem - again, something that I've had for years now.

I've been taking Sinu-tab for three days now & whilst the symptoms do ease, they seem to keep coming back.
This is the first time that I've suffered for a whole week with dizziness, constant headache, congestion, total lethargy - I feel as though I can't even stand up and I get out of breath at merely walking around.

Is this high BP?
And what do i do if it is?

Thanks for any advice..

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