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Re: Not sure boyfriend is using Herion? other Drug?

Sorry to hear you are getting wrapped up in the "dark world" that he's in. My brother is in that place too. He spends $1000 every two weeks and pawns everything. He is constipated, always broke, lies, only gets worse. He's not a bad guy in fact, he's funny, and sweet. He has done everything!! Heroin, coke, pills, alcohol, meth, crack...His drug of choice is Meth. He drinks alcohol very little now. Skinny, eats sweets alot. Once they are into it, it's SO difficult for them to get out. The cravings are huge. It's not that you are no longer important it's just that he's sick. You need to make sure that your health is not at risk. God forbid he brings HIV to you or TB or Hep C. They always find something to get them higher because thier drug of choice wears out. You can only do what you can to help until your tired. Do NOT let it get you sucked in. It's a VERY VERY dark place. You'll be in my prayers and do will he.