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Re: I need some help

Sorry... anyway... I never thought that I had ptsd because on all the websites you will see that it says that you must have felt you were in a state of danger or helplessness. I myself was not in danger, but I did feel helpless at one point. I have never been diagnosed with ptsd, I guess probably because I won't go to the dr. for it. I have heard that they put on medication for anxiety. I don't like being on medicine.

Over time so portions have gotten a bit better. I still sometimes have bad dreams and can't sleep, but have started learning to cope with it. I also seem to do better in the summer, I don't know why. When it gets to around the time in the year when it happened I get more anxious.

I feel that I can relate to you because I have felt great guilt about whether or not this has been my fault~letting them drink. Sometimes I feel like if I wouldn't have let them drink it wouldn't have happened. It also bothers me that no one really knows what happened. He was home by himself that night. It was pronounced an accident, but who really knows what happened except for God.

Please post back if you would like to