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Re: Losec, anyone? This is about testing for gluten....

Originally Posted by Losec20mg
conrgats my dear, oh and, go read what i said in the other one... take care
you never answered me about why you think it's KOOL that i'm irish, lol.
I also wanted to tell ya that I bought some corn pasta today, and I want to learn how to make a corn(crust) pizza SOOOO bad. I'm like obsessing about this NO GLUTEN thing, LOLLLL. ANyways, I'm gonna learn it, make it, and see if my family will like it. Does it taste better or worse than the poison(wheat) I wish I could convince my husband that gluten is generally a bad substance.
Oh, and I also wanted to ask you about the smiley faces on your screen. I can't use some of mine, is it the same for you????

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