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Help with TMJ/trigeminal neuralgia

Hey guys I've been having one heck of a time lately with this trigeminal neuralgia and know my tmj is acting up. My jaws get so sore that I can't even eat and they are locking on me which is extremely painful. I think I've lost close to 10 pounds in the last few weeks to a month. The side effects from the carbazamapine the doc put me on were too much for me so now I'm on neurontin, 200mg 3 times a day. I honestly don't think they are doing much. I feel absolutely no different when I take them. I'm just wondering if its possible the tmj caused the trigeminal neuralgia or vise versa. The tmj is the worst on the same side of my head as the tgn although my jaw on the other side is bothering me also. My tmj doesn't usually bother me too bad but right now it is driving me crazy. There is supposed to be a specialist here my doc is trying to get me into to see but I haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully it won't be too much longer or I'll waste away lol!! I am drinking those ensure drinks, milkshakes, soup etc to get some kind of nutrients in me. Anyone got any ideas or tips for me, I'd sure appreciate some advice. Marcy
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