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implantation bleeding....need some advice

This might be a little long, but i really need some advice
Me and my boyfriend are sexually active, sometimes we use protection, sometimes we don't, there are times where he pulls out and then puts on the condom or just pulls out and his semen gets on my tummy. (we do know the consequences but this isn't why i'm posting, so pls answer my other questions.) me and him are just letting nature take it's course, if we get pregnant great, if we don't it's ok. well i got my period a week early it started the last 3 days of may 29 until june 5 (my period lasts a week ) usually my period had been coming the second week of the month between the 6-8 (take in mind that my period has always been irregular) well a few days after my period me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex, either on june 7 or 9 also on the 13th, he either came outside of me (eww lol) or put on a condom and kept on. well on the 18th i felt so bloated and my uterus felt so wierd, on the last half of the day i started bleeding like if i just started my period, i had to wear a light tampon for a few hours, the blood at the begining was bright red and then it turned a brownish color that lasted until the next day. i didn't think much of it, but came across something called "implantation bleeding" online and was wondering if that was what happened with would have been between 11 to 13 days after we had sex that i started bleeding. other than that, i don't feel anything else, no sore breasts, then again i've never had that not even in my period, no nausea yet. i was thinking of just waiting until next month to get my period but one of my friends was telling me to take a pregnancy test, she also said my early period could of been an indicator of pregnancy, should i take a pregnancy test asap? has this happened to anyone else? pls any advice would be appreciated.

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