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good or bad job to have while pregnant???

hey girls! I hope you are all feeling good and everythings going great for you!
My question is would this be a safe job to have while 18 weeks pg? It's a cleaning kind of like housekeeping job but the list of duties are as follows. i would have to be bending over ALOT to use a shop vac to clean dust and stuff out of cabinets (it's cleaning newely build houses) they use alot of cleaners which i know is not good to inhale...same with dust and stuff. also its working up to 14 hours a day in hot weather. the stuff im most worried about is the dust and chemicals and bending over alot plus the being on a ladder to clean the light fixtures and stuff. just wanted some opinions on whether this would be safe or not and if not what parts are not safe?
thank you guys so much for all your help so far! take care all of you!

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