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Re: Accelerated heart rate upon awakening?

Originally Posted by rayinbfd
Hi. Before you start thinking along the more serious avenues of heart problems I would like to su**est that your morning palpitaions may only be an anxiety attack, I have suffered with depression and anxiety for many years and morning palpitations are one of the symptoms of this illness. Have you recently experienced something that has upset you.
Thanks for your response.

I suppose it may be anxiety related. I noticed sometimes it happens when I awake from a dream or I'll wake up with something on my mind. However, I'm currently being treated for paroxsymal something tachycardia and I'm taking Inderal. The Inderal's helping a great deal, but I still get periods of rapid or pounding heartbeat and occasionally my heart feels like it flutters or skips a beat, but it goes away in a short period of time. I particularly noticed this when I change positions.