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Re: b/f doesn't seem to be aroused

Hi, I don't have exactly the same problem, but my husband operates differently than most men in that he needs the emotional side of things to be in order before he can be fully aroused. If things are not right, I am not in the mood, or we don't have that close connection it will not work. It used to hurt my feelings and I thought he was not attracted to me, but now I know better.

Perhaps this might be one factor, or possibly you could try some new things with him? I am not sure about the new factor or the passion wearing off, but I know new things usually help to revive things.

How good are you both at communicating needs and likes/dislikes? This is really important as well.

Perhaps try to talk to him more in depth about it and see. I know it is difficult when it feels as if he is not attracted to you but I am sure there is more to it.