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im going to get right to the point...ance comes from your body, it comes out of your skin, it all depends what you eat that affects your acne, dermatologists says it has nothing to do with what you eat but i truely believe it comes from what you eat out of all the years i had bad acne i now have clear smooth glowing skin all over from this simple all starts with your body and toxins, you eat everyday and sometimes your body cant digest the food, so most of the time the food you eat gets stuck in your colon, building and building over the weeks, months and even years, so when your colon gets even more clogged over the years it has to "evacuate" the toxins elsewhere...such as the skin, causing it to erupt everyday untill the colon is "properly fixed", so you wonder why some treatments clear your skin nicely then the acne comes back, its all because it temporary solutions, everything. so here i am in college wanting to get clear skin and trying to find anyway to get the skin i was born with, then i started researching about the body and its system and then i found out about the colon and its cleansing properties and researched that and BOOM!! i think i found the solution. when food is cluttered in your colon it is concidered waste or mucous, when it gets too clogged it puts that mucous out anyway it can, and sometimes it comes out through the skin, so in order to stop that from happening you need to clean out your colon, and this is the solution that i strongly stand behind, it is called........COLON HYDROTHERAPY, and what this does is it safely cleans out the colon and has tremendous healing affects, you'll feel alot different after the first session even, more energized, less body pain, feeling more healthy. after around 4-10 sessions your colon will cleaned out and working properly and evacuating the waste properly aswell, then your skin will clear up tremendously fast, mine cleared up in a month, it even cleared the scars i had. and i just get colon hydrotherapy one ever 2 months now and im loving life!
you could get colon hydrotherapy almost anywhere, just look it up online and search around where you live but the only draw back to this is that sometimes its pricy, it ranges from 50-90 a session but trust me its well worth it and you will see a huge difference. the reason why dermatologist tell you its not from food is becuase they have a job and they get paid well from YOU, and plus i believe that the government is making literally billions of dollars from acne based products and prescriptions, instead of telling us the real truth about think? well if you dont believe me still try looking up CH and see the benifits of it and tell me what you think, and remember im giving this info out, im not even selling it cuz you know...ive been there and i know what it feels like to have acne. so tell me what you think and goodluck

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