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Re: the TRUE solution to all acne!

Diet is only ONE of the internal factors of acne. Hormones and stress are another two. Also, thyroid deficiencies can be another problem.

Although this is very good advice, I wouldn't say that it's the "TRUE solution to ALL acne" - b/c it is different for everyone. This may have been your true solution, but it is misleading to say that everyone with acne will be healed with this method and this method alone.

Why do you think most pregnant women break out thoughout those 9 months, even women who never had acne to begin with? Flucuations in hormones, and that is a proven fact. Or, why do many women, a week before their menstrual cycle, get a couple cysts on their chin when throughout the rest of the month, they are perfectly clear? Once again, hormones. In these situations, I don't care what anyone says, you could eat a diet of pure raw veggies and fruit with gallons of water and still breakout.

Your suggestion on CH is very interesting though, and I will check into it. I just thought your title was a bit misleading, but thanks for the info.