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Re: b/f doesn't seem to be aroused

We do talk about everything but I don't know how to especifically ask him about his erections. Our relationship is amazing in every other aspect though. One thing I should add is that even though he is 33 he has had only a couple of girlfriends. All throughout his life he's been with a lot of different women enjoying the "single life". All his friends were really surprised when they found out he finally decided to settle down and have a girlfriend. I guess because of his background, sex with him has always been with zero foreplay. I've tried to incorporate that into our sexual routine but it seems that he just wants to go straight to penetration. I really don't mind that but I guess what I'm trying to say is that he's used to a lot of variety women-wise.

It is true however, that he's been a bit stressed lately. We do have wonderful sex sometimes but it just isn't always. I don't know, maybe you guys are right and I'm being to hard on him....