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Re: good or bad job to have while pregnant???

I hope all is wel!!

If you are working in the hot weather.......Please drink lots and lots of water. You dont want to go into labor 5 mo early, and plus it will make you feel alot better while on the job. I start to feel sick when I get into my car at around 3pm in the day (I Live in AZ) I barely go out into the hot weather which is like 115 out everyday now. When I drink alot of water while Im out it makes me feel just fine and not so dizzy and stuffy. As for bending over Im suprised your able to do it lol Maybe its cause you have been doing it for so long and since day one of ur preg. Im a Server at a BBQ Rest, and when I bend over it about kills me and I only weigh about 125 and Im 22 wks preg.

Anyway I hope ev thing is going good for you.