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could this be the baby moving?

I'm 14 1/2 weeks, so I know it's still pretty early to be feeling movement, but I think I may have felt my baby move a couple times now. One time it felt like somebody just barely touched the left side of my stomach, and when I poked the area where I felt it, I think I felt a little bump that wasn't there on the other side. The other time it felt more like a gentle poke that moved a little bit. Do these sound like they could have been the baby moving?

Also, does anyone know if it's possible to feel a little bump where the baby is from the outside if he/she is in the right position (I'm very skinny)? I was sitting down a couple days ago and all of a sudden the left side of my stomach felt really weird (this is not the same as the time I thought I felt movement). I poked it and there was definitely a hard bump there that wasn't on the right side. A couple of minutes later it was gone.

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