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Re: induce?

OK there are some horror stories but on the whole, I think most folks find the epidurals to be very helpful. I have three sisters and 4 sisters-in-law and out of the 7 of them, 5 have had epidurals ( the other 2 managed to go without anything). Of the ones who had them, none have said that they wish that they hadn't.

I may be induced next week and I can't wait. I have had preeclampsia and am having a hard time controlling my blood presssure. It's also really uncomfortable. For me and my baby, it makes sense to get him out sooner rather than later.

Read through the posts. Many women have had great success with the epidurals. If this is what you choose to do, the statistics are in your favor fot it turning out well.

Now, let's talk about fear of having those membranes stripped! YIKES!